Journey to programming

Martin Sidorov
10 min readJun 18, 2021
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I started my journey as a software developer 4 years ago. I remember the struggle in my first couple of years, and some of them still continues. Everything from coding to process is new for me. I’ve met a few mentors who made this journey easier. Yet, there were lessons I learned the hard way. I having fun journey, and all is possible whenever you want it.

Journey beginning

When all asked me to whom I want to become in the school, and as I remember from 7th grade I always wanted to become programmer, but I don’t remember why exactly I picked this way, maybe just because of working with computers, or because I love to play video games, but anyway this was my goal and it never changed.

All this started in college as a Junior Software Developer. While I studied I saw that I can’t understand some stuff, and I started to investigate where I could improve my skills with programming, find some exercises, courses or something from it, and got into Sololearn. In Sololearn I liked the way how it was presented, always were some tests after learning material of one language, and many other languages to choose. I learned some basic HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, PHP, jQuery, C#, and other stuff that was interesting, then I think I learned all the content that was there, because on that version of application there wasn’t so many stuff to learn. But I also wrote code there for myself and some homework got there too, as it was very comfortable to write there. I could even write on my phone while I were on my way to school😄, just because to get to school I had to go by train every time, the school was like 40 km away from my home.

My sololearn account:

After that of course I searched for more material to learn and have fun beside school tasks, because that wasn’t much, like I didn’t quite understood the homework, and found Programming hub. In this app also there is many languages to learn, but there is premium stuff for subscription, what disappointed me. But when there was some discount on lifetime subscription, I bought it, and it wasn’t vain. I liked there all, the design was comfortable to use on phone everyday, tests after chapters as well and of course certificate at the end of the course that could be used on LinkedIn or in resume. I continue to…

Martin Sidorov

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